MISSING! The Search For My Lost Friend…

I have a friend that likes to cuddle me with a warm embrace while whispering calm and peace into my ears. A friend that is always there, yet sometimes hidden between my own mist of thoughts and the thick bush of stress. Who is this friend…?


I befriended silence as a baby, and it has kept with me since.

As a child it kept me company while traveling in the car (watching the landscape pass by was one of our favorite pursuits), while playing, or while walking in nature.

In my teens it sometimes felt like it had left me, but I knew it was there – and I always found it if I only I stopped to listen. School, family, friends and puberty had their demands, but I still cherished the deep friendship I had with silence.

Then it happened!

Gradually as the teenage years faded and adulthood started, and I was flung into the modern world, I had an increasing struggle with silence.

What had once been my friend and partner now seemed to be my biggest enemy at times, and I felt myself trying to escape it by keeping busy.

Busy playing computer games, partying with friends, overthinking things, stressing over unhappy situations – busy chasing greener grass and an elusive idea of “something better”.

It wasn’t until I had reached bottom, repeatedly, that I realized that my chase could only stop if I stopped to listen.

And THERE it was!

Not very clear at first, but with some slow and careful courtship silence started to appear.

The vehicle by which the chase stopped and the friendship once again blossomed? Meditation.

So here we are, nestled together in a ball of cuddle – me and my silence.

And our message to you is simple: start meditating daily, let the long journey end right now, and reunite with your own silence.

“Silence is the true friend that never betrays.”
– Confucius

Do you have a true friend in silence? Comment and share with us below!

"Silence is the true friend that never betrays." - Confucius

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