No Effort Required

So often we find ourselves struggling, pushing, and expending huge amounts of effort each day just to get by. We move through our days in a disembodied state.

Thinking, thinking, thinking. All day stuck in the mire of confusion that is the thinking mind.

Our heads are filled with many plans, expectations for the future, doubts about whether we’ll be able to accomplish our goals, questions about whether we’re even worthy of the greatness that we envision for ourselves.

And all of this mental noise – the planning, the self-doubt, the questioning – is steeped in the past. We’ve learned this way of thinking, never knowing that there was another way.

Meditation is that other way. By sitting each day, feeling the breath, feeling the body, and simply allowing the thoughts to fall away without attachment, we learn to distill the rampant thinking and touch what’s really going on with our lives.

We can touch a reality that exists outside of our conceptual thinking, beyond our hopes, plans, and conditioned ways of being.

When we do this, when we settle onto our true path, something beautiful arises. Something simple. Our authentic self.

Beneath all of the thoughts lies this purity. And all it takes is a let-go. Just let go of the effort, the struggle, the stress. Practice this “letting go” each day, and it becomes a way of life. Ahhhhhh.

Quick Meditation Tip

Steady your mind by returning continually to the breath. When the mind settles down, let your awareness open to include the entire body, then the room, then outside the room, then everywhere. And if you find yourself caught in thought, simply come back to the breath.

Quote From Adam

“You may think that if there is no purpose or no goal in our practice, we will not know what to do. But there is a way. The way to practice without having any goal is to limit your activity, or to be concentrated on what you are doing in this moment. When your mind is wandering about elsewhere you have no chance to express yourself. But if your limit your activity to what you can do just now, in this moment, then you can express fully your true nature.”
– Shunryu Suzuki

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