More Than Ordinary

Every day, we are offered an opportunity to interact and connect with our lives in a fresh and authentic way. Each aspect of our day offers this chance if we are open to it.

Take that tree in the front yard. The one you’ve seen who-knows-how-many-times leaving for work, coming home, going for a walk, sitting on the front step — many, many times you’ve looked at that tree.

But how many times have you really taken it in completely?

Explored the ridges of the bark, smiled at the branches swaying in the wind, gazed at the leaves opened and outstretched to the sun, marveled at the flowers flashing their colors, reflected on the majestic pose this tree strikes against the radiant blue sky?

When we stop rushing around and take a moment (or a few) to really notice what’s going on in front of us and all around, there’s a break in our thoughts.

We tap into a feeling beyond thought. A completely new experience. That moment (and that one, and this one, and that one…) truly has never existed before. Never.

So many of us seek “something new and exciting.” It is here. Found in our ordinary, everyday life. Right now.

You could say that it’s so ordinary that it’s extra-ordinary.

Quick Meditation Tip

As we continue to sit, we train the mind to perceive, with ever greater subtlety, the comings and goings of the mind. We watch the rise and fall of our thoughts, just as we watch the rise and fall of the breath. And we just watch, letting it all pass like leaves on the wind.

Quote From Adam

“The past is like a shadow, making things dull and weary; in that shadow, the present loses its clarity, its freshness, and tomorrow is the continuation of the shadow.”
– J. Krishamurti

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