Does The Pressure Get To You?

Does The Pressure Get To You?

There was pressure, until I let it go. Now I can breathe again!

Has this ever happened to you?

You wake up late for work, rush through your morning activities, jump on the freeway only to find it jammed, get to work an hour late only to be greeted by your disapproving supervisor.

The rest of your day feels short of time, tense, like it’s under pressure!

You arrive home only to be impatient and frustrated with your family.

An argument erupts over some minor detail… and suddenly the discussion becomes about everything other than what actually happened. Is it bed time yet?

When you have a day like this, it’s easy to say, “when it rains, it pours.” And chalk it up to just another bad day.

But what about seeing such a day as a gift?

Days like these show us what we truly value.

Through the above experience, we see that we enjoy space. We enjoy room to maneuver about our day instead of being rushed out and tense.

We enjoy easygoing relations at work and at home.

Seeing what we enjoy, we can take proactive measures to make these things happen with more regularity. Like getting to bed at a decent time.

Like leaving the house with enough time so that we’re not rushed getting on the freeway.

Like making time to spend with family and loved ones on a regular basis – giving to these relationships so that there are reserves to draw from when things get heated.

With awareness, we can understand how stress affects our life from a high altitude perspective. Then we can take action.

Feels like breathing room to me!

Stress Release Tip

Limit the “baddies.” Caffeine, nicotine and sugary foods actually increase our stress levels, by triggering the body’s stress response! That “high” you feel after a cup of coffee? Adrenaline! That familiar feeling after you smoke a cigarette? Stress hormones! Replace coffee with green tea, chew gum instead of smoke, and go for fruits and nuts instead of chips and candy.

Mindful Homework

Are you addicted to adrenaline? Do you wake up craving a cup of coffee or a cigarette? The physical addiction is mental, too. Notice how a cup of coffee gives you a bump of positivity and a mental sharpness. It suppresses your hunger, and increases your heart rate. Feel both the mind’s and the body’s reaction. What else do you notice?

Quote From Adam

“Happiness is that state of consciousness which proceeds from the achievement of one’s values.”
– Ayn Rand

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