Ready For A Breakthrough?

Ready For A Breakthrough?

Today is all about you striding boldy in the direction of your dreams.

I want us to talk about stories… about you telling a new story.

What can you come up with? What’s the new story you want to tell?

In the areas of your work or career? How about your health and weight? In your relationships?

When we were young playing make-believe was easy. We would pick someone we really wanted to be — a fireman, a doctor, an astronaut, a ballerina, a superhero!

We didn’t worry whether or not we were ‘qualified’ or if we were ‘good enough’ for it, we just picked a role. Then we draped on mom’s or dad’s clothes and perhaps a sheet or a towel and off we went!

Whether we imagined ourselves to be a superhero or a serious doctor on an operating table — we played full out. We took our roles seriously and had plenty of fun.

There was no doubt in our minds that at that very moment, we really were that doctor saving a life or the ballerina holding captive an entire audience with our pirouettes.

Now that we’re grown up, we can still dream and imagine. But instead of playing pretend, we can take bold steps to making our dreams come true.

With a little help we CAN make our wildest dreams become a reality.

Don’t wait on your dreams any longer. Step into them today.

Stress Release Tip

Who can think about creating a new story when there is a full schedule this week? Often times we put off our farfetched dreams (of traveling, of painting, of changing careers, of asking that one person out) because daily life just doesn’t give us the room to. And yes, you have responsibilities, but during one of your breaks today, spend that break time to see what you can let go of this week so that you can make room to do something you’ve always wanted to do (anything from cleaning up that resume, to surprising your sweetie with a bouquet of handpicked flowers, to treating yourself to that mani-pedi). Go for it!

Mindful Moment

Sit for a moment today to remember some of your long forgotten dreams of your childhood. Sit in stillness for 15 minutes and see what bubbles up. Do you recall any long lost childhood fantasies? Do you wish you had done some of them or are you glad some stayed in your childhood? Whatever comes up, bask in appreciation that you can still reminisce, still dream, and still have breath to go after the ones you truly want.

Quote From Jon

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”
– C.S. Lewis

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