Reddit Meditation FAQ

Reddit Meditation FAQ

What does a white alien mascot have to do with meditation?

A whole lot, apparently!

In case you don’t know, lets take a moment to explain what Reddit is.

Often described to as “the front page of the internet”, Reddit is a social networking service and news website where people can submit content and others can then like or dislike it (upvote or downvote).

Another great feature is that people can create individual Reddit forums (subreddits) where people can share specific types of media or topics, like /r/pics, /r/news and /r/health.

And they have a mascot, which looks like this:

The reddit alien mascot
The reddit alien mascot, copyright

“That’s all fine, but where is this meditation FAQ you mentioned in the title?”

Here you go:

Reddit Meditation FAQ

This FAQ is from the meditation subreddit (/r/meditation), and is an extensive and excellent FAQ for meditation newbies.

Here is the description of this reddit community from the subreddit sidebar:

/r/meditation is a community of people dedicated to improving our minds and lives. While many of the practices discussed here have been inspired by ancient Buddhist, Hindu and other religious traditions, we are not particularly religious. Discussions of all kinds of secular and religious meditation practices are encouraged.

And here is the table of content from the FAQ, if you want to have a look at what questions are being answered, or start reading some of the answers straight away.


Did you learn something new from this FAQ, or perhaps discovered a new meditation community you might be interested in?

Don’t forget to comment below, and share with friends and family!

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