Step Back To See Clearly

Last week, I packed up the car and made a run to Mammoth Mountain for some vacation. What a blast!

Up there in the mountains, there was really no other place, no other time, than right here, right now.

I measured the days on the mountain by how many songs played in my headphones.

And while I had some work to do over the phone and on the ipad, I did the bare minimum so that I could really let go into this wide open space.

When I returned to work on Friday, there was something noticeably different.

The tension associated with certain matters wasn’t there. Things felt easier, more spacious.

In taking a step back from the grind, I was recharged. Rejuvenated.

No longer troubled by the trivialities that have a tendency to weigh us down.

I could again see clearly, because the noise had subsided.

How often do you take time to step back from your everyday life?

I think you deserve a break! Where would you go? What would you do?

We see clearly through contrast. Without a departure from what has become the norm, we can’t really appreciate what we have.

It’s hard to remain positive when we’re always “ON.”

So take time to go offline. Hit the reset button.

Freefall into the spaciousness of no schedule. No time.

And come back to us refreshed.

Stress Release Tip

The coming days, make a concerted effort to do something FUN! You do remember what you like to do for fun, don’t you? What did Jack say about “all work and no play?” It can be simple, like jumping around to some loud music, or, if you’re due for a real treat, plan a night out or a whole day. You deserve it! When immersed in joy, there’s no room for stress. What a relief!

Mindful Homework

While you commute to and from work, put as much of your attention on the feeling of your breath as you can. Even when that person cuts you off. Even when that guy is going 30, and you’re late. Watch how, by simply returning to the breath, we can short-circuit that natural tendency to get pissed at every little annoyance. Be patient and compassionate with yourself if it takes some time to wrangle-in those thoughts. This is the practice.

Quote From Adam

“If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.”
– Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden

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