Stress Only In The Mind

You’re standing in line at the grocery store and the lines are long — blocking the aisles long. Plus you’re running a bit behind. The woman in front of you has at least 20 items, isn’t this the express lane?! No one’s going anywhere.

There’s some smell in the air. You try distracting yourself with the tabloid headlines, but nothing takes you from the frustration that you feel.

The guy standing in the next line, unbeknownst to you, has all the same stuff going on. He’s stuck in the same line, also running behind, but something’s different.

He’s not stressed or frustrated. He’s just noticing everything that’s going on, and, having surrendered to the situation, finds himself perfectly content just being there. Whereever the line takes him.

The line at the supermarket is neither frustrating nor calming, it’s simply the line.

What we see in that line is determined by the state of our mind.

As we still the mind with the practice of meditation, we become mindful of the thoughts and frustrations as they come up.

This moment of awareness offers a point of decision. A choice to allow the perception of stress, or to simply see a line without all the other baggage.

We can choose to drop the baggage at any time.

Quick Meditation Tip

When we sit for our meditation session, we sit with our back upright, if possible, which allows for the greatest amount of alignment and relaxation. In an upright position, we are also less likely to fall asleep, keeping our conscious awarness engaged in the practice of breathing.

Quote From Adam

“We have to realize that beneath all of our struggle, our daylight world of anxious activity, there is a process going on – a process of great depth and reality. This is the process of the lineage, of the buddha nature, of our unfolding existence, whatever you want to call it. This is why relaxation in meditation – and in ordinary life – is so important, because it enables us to touch, to tap into that process, and eventually to identify with it. Only in this way can we discover our ‘true life,’ which is always coming into being beyond the armed struggle of our ego.”
– Reggie Ray

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