A Sure Way To Let The Sunshine In

A Sure Way To Let The Sunshine In

Anyone need a hug today?

A couple of months ago, I got really sick.

With the change in weather and the kids taking turns with a cold, I finally succumbed to it.

I hadn’t been that sick in a long time. I was so sick my ex had to take the kids for a few days.

When they came to visit me on the third day, I still couldn’t hug them, afraid I might give them what I had.

But boy, did I miss them.

I didn’t realize how much I craved their hugs and kisses when I wasn’t able to give and get it from them.

Fully recovered, my kids and I made up for loss time — we hugged, kissed, and snuggled up while listening to music and playing board games. Ahhh…much better.

I realized that as human beings, we are made for physical affection. As a matter of fact, it’s scientifically proven to be good for you.

Regular hugs, like regular exercise, eating well, and daily meditation is good for a well-balanced, happy life!

So take a moment today, find someone to hug, and feel good!

Stress Release Tip

Had a long day? When you get home tonight, instead of heading straight to the TV or checking emails, drop everything, find your spouse, your child, or your roommate, or your pet, and give them a nice long hug. Let yourself be completely and 100% there, and feel your body relax. If you don’t have anyone at home to offer a hug to…don’t be shy, go ahead and give yourself a hug. Embracing yourself lovingly can also release stress-relieving hormones and it’s good for the soul.

Mindful Moment

When we go for a long time without connecting with someone in a deep and authentic way, we can begin to feel a bit disconnected from the world. We might even feel some resentment towards the people we come in contact with on a daily basis. This leads to triggers! This week, if someone says something that gets to you, notice the slight rise in your blood pressure, your desire to say something back and your clenched fists. In this moment of awareness, you can choose.

in this moment of awareness

Quote From Dana

“A hug is like a boomerang – you get it back right away.”
– Bil Keane

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