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  • Meditation Helps Relieve Migraines

    Meditation Helps Relieve Migraines, Featured Article

    Ever tried to give birth through your forehead? Unless you’re an ancient Greek god, I surely hope not. But that’s one of the explanations of how a migraine can feel like, compiled by The Huffington Post in their article “This Is What A Migraine Feels Like”. As you can see in the article, migraines are different […]

  • 5 Ways To Make Time For Meditation

    5 Ways To Make Time For Meditation, Featured Article

    Time is the world’s most valuable commodity, they say. Yet we seem to “spend” more and more of it, with very little time left to take care of our own well-being and health. Which is where meditation comes in with it’s ever increasing number of benefits. Meditation can help treat anxiety, depression and adhd, plus help […]

  • Mindfulness Helps Nurses Cope

    Nursing is stressful! If you’ve ever been at a hospital you might have noticed how busy the nurses can be, and how adapt they need to be at multitasking. Which might explain why this profession is so prone to sickness, both mentally and physically. David Templeton from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports: Caring for patients can […]

  • Calmness Or Stress = Your Choice

    Calmness Or Stress = Your Choice

    After 3 hours work, the dessert you were making ended up a disaster. What do you do? Faced with this situation, Estalyn Walcoff did the right thing. She didn’t give in to the stress of the situation, and freak out. Instead she threw the failure in the trash, drove to the store, and bought all the […]

  • Mindfulness Expert Explains How To Live In The Moment

    Mindfulness Expert Explains How To Live In The Moment

    You can not fail at mindfulness! Don’t agree? I’ll tell you why I said that in just a moment. But first let me share a great interview with you. A couple of days ago, Brigid Shulte (Washington Post) published an interview she did with one of our favorite meditation and mindfulness teachers, Sharon Salzberg. It’s a wonderful […]

  • Everything You Need To Know About Meditation

    Everything You Need To Know About Meditation

    Meditation does not work for me, I am telling you! Ever heard such a comment from someone? Or perhaps you’ve been guilty of saying it yourself… It’s one of the many meditation myths that we have been debunking at Daily Meditate, repeatedly. But it’s worth repeating until it’s not a myth anymore. The video below […]

  • The Art Of Meditation

    The Art Of Meditation

    Do you hear the noise? What noise?! This video features a great excerpt from a talk by Alan Watts about meditation. The video creator, “Omega Point”, has done a great job at setting the audio to some wonderful footage in a beautiful setting, and at times overlaying it with words and sentences from Alan Watts […]

  • Meditation Hack’s Your Brain’s Default Mode

    Meditation Hack's Your Brain's Default Mode

    Ever wanted to switch off the part of your brain which generates all the annoying thoughts? Then I’ve got good news for you… …you CAN! Yale researchers published a study back in 2011 which showed that experienced meditators had decreased activity in the default mode network of the brain. Let’s hear more about it from Bill Hathaway at […]

  • Mindfulness Featured On 60 Minutes

    Mindfulness Featured On 60 Minutes

    60 Minutes recently did a 5 minute segment on mindfulness. Wanna see it? You’ll be able to see it, and read the full transcript, down below. But first, let’s take a moment to cherish the fact that mindfulness and meditation has become so mainstream that the 60 minutes correspondent, Anderson Cooper, admits that doing this […]

  • School Kids Transformed By The Power Of Meditation

    School Kids Transformed By The Power Of Meditation

    Do you remember school being a quite place for inner peace? Me neither. But that is changing, at least for these school kids in San Fransisco. 8 years ago, in the heart of one of the city’s poorest and most violent neighborhoods, the school was spiraling out of control. Desperate, the district tried a pioneering […]