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  • Mindfulness: More Than A Stress Ball, And Not Religion

    Mindfulness: More Than A Stress Ball, And Not Religion, Featured Article

    Have you ever heard about mindfulness? I bet you have. Repeatedly, and from all sorts of sources. Unless you’ve lived under a stone (or you’re not into meditation, psychology or self-help), you might have noticed that mindfulness has become fashionable, and that everyone from firemen to executives and school kids are practicing it these days. This […]

  • Meditation Hack’s Your Brain’s Default Mode

    Meditation Hack's Your Brain's Default Mode

    Ever wanted to switch off the part of your brain which generates all the annoying thoughts? Then I’ve got good news for you… …you CAN! Yale researchers published a study back in 2011 which showed that experienced meditators had decreased activity in the default mode network of the brain. Let’s hear more about it from Bill Hathaway at […]