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  • Yoga Breathing As Meditation Exercise

    Yoga Breathing As Meditation Exercise

    Ever done the Darth Vader voice? I definitely have! Watch the video below to discover what Darth Vader has to do with yoga and meditation. In this 10 minute instructional video, renowned Vinyasa Yoga teacher and spiritual activist Seane Corn, teaches us 4 different yoga breathing techniques. Breathing is also central in most meditation traditions around the…

  • Taco Breath Is Good For Arthritis And Stomach

    Taco Breath Is Good For Arthritis And Stomach

    Have you ever heard about the “Taco Breath”? Neither had I, until I yesterday saw it featured in a blog post on Huffington Post. Here is the full blog post (minus the video): Most meditation practices encourage us to find our center by connecting with our breath, but one technique recently highlighted on HuffPost Live takes that mindful…

  • Your Breath Is Awesome

    Your Breath Is Awesome

    Breathing is at the core of our being, and is so important that we cannot live without it. And it’s amazing how crucial it can be as a part of our meditation routine. But what do we know about this all-important activity? To help you learn more about your breath, we gathered 6 Fun Facts…