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  • Instant Happiness Guided Meditation

    Instant Happiness Guided Meditation

    Feel a little down, moody or glum? Then this might be just what you need! A guided meditation to help you feel happy, and filled with gratitude. It is a little gem of a video, where we are led on a happiness journey by Melinda Csikos from the “Miracle Forest” YouTube channel and The Miracle Forest […]

  • Guided Meditation for Gratitude

    Guided Meditation for Gratitude

    Are you grateful enough for all the wonders in your life? We could all do with some more gratitude in our lives. In fact, studies have shown that gratitude can both help raise your mood and increase your compassion towards others. This shows us that whether or not you believe “the law of attraction” (or similar […]

  • Lift Your Mood With This Simple Trick

    Lift Your Mood With This Simple Trick

    Does it ever feel like everything is going your way? Like, even if you could plan things a certain way, you could never, ever in a million years, imagine a plan as perfect as the one unfolding before you? On days like these, it’s easy to give thanks. As I’m writing this, I’m in Houston, […]

  • Louise Hay’s Guided Morning Meditation

    Louise Hay’s Guided Morning Meditation

    How do you start your day? Do you start it groggy, slow, and grumpy – or do you gratefully welcome the new day with a big smile? If could do with more of the latter (which I guess all of us could), I highly recommend this guided meditation from author and legend Louise Hay. Her voice is soft and […]