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  • Gassho Position Guided Meditation

    Gassho Position Guided Meditation

    Ever heard about the Gassho position? The name derives from the teachings of Reiki healing teacher Dr. Usui, but despite the Reiki background it is less mysterious than you’d think. It is basically the same as the common Namaste greeting hand position. It’s this easy: you put your palms together in front of your chest. And TADA! Your […]

  • Instant Happiness Guided Meditation

    Instant Happiness Guided Meditation

    Feel a little down, moody or glum? Then this might be just what you need! A guided meditation to help you feel happy, and filled with gratitude. It is a little gem of a video, where we are led on a happiness journey by Melinda Csikos from the “Miracle Forest” YouTube channel and The Miracle Forest […]

  • Chocolate Guided Mindfulness Meditation

    Chocolate Guided Mindfulness Meditation

    Grab your favorite chocolate, because this is gonna be choc-tastic! Here is a new guided meditation by “The Honest Guys” on YouTube. And this one is rather fantastic! Do you like chocolate? I sure do, and I almost fell out of my chair when this guided meditation popped up in my YouTube stream. What better […]

  • Short, Simple And Super

    Short, Simple And Super

    Short, simple and super! That sums up today’s blog post. The point I want to make is that – essentially – short and simple is all we need for a super meditation session. It does not have to be complicated, complex or confusing! This guided meditation is only 5 minutes long, was published over 7 years […]

  • Guided Slow Yoga Meditation

    Guided Slow Yoga Meditation

    Yoga + Meditation = True! Yoga and meditation go hand in hand. There is no doubt about that (*). Yoga means to come together and make whole, and is a system of exercises for mental and physical health. “What?! Yoga is not only about impossible poses and yoga pants?” – Some random guy Yoga incorporates meditation […]

  • Guided Meditation “The Seat”

    Guided Meditation “The Seat”

    This wooden bench – on a field – is waiting for you… Join as we revisit “The Honest Guys”, and their fabulous YouTube Channel. We’ve previously featured guided meditations from them, in these posts: Guided Meditation, Blissful Deep Relaxation Take Five With This Guided Meditation Here is another great guided meditation from our friends, called […]

  • 50+ davidji Guided Meditations

    50+ davidji Guided Meditations

    Want a no-cost, one-stop shop for all your guided mediation needs? Look no further! Just scroll down this page, and you’ll discover davidji’s Souncloud stream, with over 50 guided meditations. He continues to add new ones, EVERY week, so you won’t run out of guided meditation anytime soon. From davidji’s website: davidji is an internationally […]

  • Guided Meditation Scripts

    Guided Meditation Scripts

    Ever wanted to create your own guided meditation? You can. Let me tell you how in just a minute… Listening to recorded guided meditations can be a great way to meditate. You just have to sit down, close your eyes, and let the voice guide you. But at other times, and for certain situations, it […]

  • A Friendly Guided Mindfulness Meditation

    A Friendly Guided Mindfulness Meditation

    Every tried a friendly meditation? No? Let Alison Prideaux from Omindfulness.com guide you along, and try for yourself. At the start of this video, Alison gives a great talk about what mindfulness is, and how we should approach it. Here is an excerpt from her short talk: With mindfulness we see things as they are, before […]

  • Virtual Reality Guided Meditation

    Virtual Reality Guided Meditation

    Wait no more, the future is here! Imagine yourself putting on a device which transports you to a virtual reality where it feels like you’re  actually there. That device is called Oculus Rift, and is an amazing piece of technology. It is still in it’s early stages, but has been adopted by many developers who want to create […]