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  • Interview With Peter Ragnar

    Interview With Peter Ragnar

    I recently had the great pleasure of interviewing author and expert, Peter Ragnar, about meditation. I am super excited that we got to interview Peter, an author of 30 books on topics such as meditation,¬†motivation,¬†qi gong, longevity, super strength and natural health. As if that wasn’t enough, there has been written 7 books about him,…

  • How To Meditate – Leo’s No-Bullshit Guide

    How To Meditate – Leo’s No-Bullshit Guide

    This guide on how to meditate is by Leo at Actualized.org, and was released just about a week ago. He spends the first part talking about some of the numerous benefits to meditation, and even mentions enlightenment as a possible outcome. He then briefly gives a definition of what meditation is, before he teaches us…