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  • Interview With Peter Ragnar

    Interview With Peter Ragnar

    I recently had the great pleasure of interviewing author and expert, Peter Ragnar, about meditation. I am super excited that we got to interview Peter, an author of 30 books on topics such as meditation, motivation, qi gong, longevity, super strength and natural health. As if that wasn’t enough, there has been written 7 books about him, […]

  • Start Your Practice Today!

    Start Your Practice Today!

    It seems like mindfulness and meditation is everywhere these days! Anderson Cooper did a “60 Minutes” special; TIME magazine featured a cover story on the topic; and study after study offers more research exploring the powerful benefits of sitting still and breathing, for ten minutes, each day. We’ve read about it, talked to people who […]

  • Learn To Meditate In 5 Easy Steps

    Learn To Meditate In 5 Easy Steps

    Need some quick meditation inspiration? How about 5 easy steps, in a 5 minute video? That is just what the YouTube “Audio Entrainment” has to offer. I liked it so much that I wanted to share it with all of you. It is in a “hand-drawing-on-a-whiteboard” style, and goes through how to get started meditation, […]

  • 5 Ways To Make Meditation Easy

    5 Ways To Make Meditation Easy

    If I say “new year”, what do you think of? Happy, fireworks, great food, party, champagne… Or perhaps resolutions! While the beginning of a new year can be used to rethink old ways to create better, healthier habits, it can also be daunting and stressful. Especially if in the past, you’ve had a habit of starting […]

  • How To Meditate – Leo’s No-Bullshit Guide

    How To Meditate – Leo’s No-Bullshit Guide

    This guide on how to meditate is by Leo at Actualized.org, and was released just about a week ago. He spends the first part talking about some of the numerous benefits to meditation, and even mentions enlightenment as a possible outcome. He then briefly gives a definition of what meditation is, before he teaches us […]