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  • Ready For A Breakthrough?

    Ready For A Breakthrough?

    Today is all about you striding boldy in the direction of your dreams. I want us to talk about stories… about you telling a new story. What can you come up with? What’s the new story you want to tell? In the areas of your work or career? How about your health and weight? In your relationships? When […]

  • Everyone Dies, But Not Everyone Truly Lives

    Everyone Dies, But Not Everyone Truly Lives

    Ever take a moment in the middle of things to ask, “What am I doing with my life?” “Is this how I really want it to be?” “What the heck have I been doing?” Ever find yourself in that situation? Suddenly, you realize the job you always wanted is no longer ideal… you’re not living […]

  • Why Can’t The Good Times Last?

    Why Can’t The Good Times Last?

    Ever struggled through a real rough patch and someone offered you the phrase, “This Too Shall Pass”? I like the wisdom of the phrase. It helps us put things into perspective and not overreact or be overwhelmed by the challenge of the moment. While I certainly have first-hand experience with challenges that I hope will […]

  • How To Get Past The Judgment

    How To Get Past The Judgment

    For today’s post, the question is: How quick are you to judge? Yesterday, I had a conversation that caused me to question my own open-mindedness. I have always prided myself in being able to see the other side of an argument. On issues that I’ve strongly held beliefs, I thought I always acknowledged and accepted […]

  • Demand Justice!

    Demand Justice!

    What sets you off? Today’s topic really hit a cord with our resident parents, Dana and Jon, so they decided to co-author the post. Have you ever had an incident where an injustice happened to a friend or a loved one? An injustice where your loved one was so hurt and embarrassed that you felt […]

  • Free Your Mind

    Free Your Mind

    I am the proud dad of two teenagers. While it has been a wonderful ride being their dad, I have experienced challenges beyond the typical teenage angst some parents have endured. You see, my kids’ mom is African American, so my kids are biracial. Austin, my son, favors his mother, so while he has a […]

  • Life Is Hard

    Life Is Hard

    How easy can you allow it to be today? Go ahead, let your guard down. Many of us have been programmed to think that life is a struggle. We have heard the quotes, “No pain, no gain,” and “Life is hard then you die.” Unfortunately, this outlook radically impacts how many of us live our […]

  • Just Do It

    Just Do It

    Have you ever been in a situation where you procrastinated from doing the right thing? We all have moments of indecision. Times when we are really stumped about which is the most appropriate path — right or left, fries or salad, sports car or hybrid, to stay or to go. While I have my fair […]