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  • No Time For Lovin’? That’s No Fun!

    No Time For Lovin’? That’s No Fun!

    Sometimes it feels like there’s no time for intimacy – no time for love! Make some time this week to get sexy… you won’t regret it, and your body will thank you (check out the stats below!). Looking at the survey we (at ZenLife Services) sent out a couple months ago, many are struggling with too…

  • Guitar Music For Your Soul

    Guitar Music For Your Soul

    How about some guitar music on a Friday (or whatever day you’re reading this)? And not just any guitar music… I came across this beautiful piece of music on Dr. Rich Hanson’s website, and wanted to share it with you all. It’s an instrumental piece by John Butler, called OCEAN. Here is OCEAN described in John’s…

  • Where Is The Love?

    Where Is The Love?

    Today, take special care to focus on the abundance in your life, the goodness, the love. Where do you see it? Where do you feel it? We sometimes get locked into a very limited view of love — that it’s something we quest for, something we reserve for “the one,” something that is hard to…