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  • Forest Walk Meditation Music

    Forest Walk Meditation Music

    O, the joy of a forest walk! How wonderfully refreshing it can be to take a stroll in the forest, on a warm sunny day with birds singing and beautiful scenery. But it’s not always possible to head for the forest every time we want to refresh, relax, and enjoy nature. Which is why I […]

  • Chinese Flute Meditation Music

    Chinese Flute Meditation Music

    There is something magical and alluring about Chinese traditional music. As a kid growing up in Europe, Chinese music always took my mind on a journey to a far-away continent and foreign culture. Bamboo, pandas, exotic clothing, pointy hats, monks in temples and strange language. The music has a similar effect on me now, though with a little […]

  • Jazz Meditation Music

    Jazz Meditation Music

    Smooth, relaxing, soothing, and soulful… Oh, the sweet sweet jazz! For some people, there is nothing more relaxing and meditative than listening to some wonderful jazz. Turn on the stereo, sit down with a cup of coffee and a bagel, and just enjoy! And for others, jazz doesn’t really provide any relaxation. Improvisational jazz can even […]

  • Heartbeat Meditation Music

    Heartbeat Meditation Music

    Lub dub! Lub dub! Lub dub… Wonder what those words are meant to be? Heartbeat sounds! The medical description for the heartbeat sound is “lub dub”. Lub describing the “first heart sound” (the closing of the AV valves), and dub (or dup) describing the “second heart sound” (the closing of the semilunar valves). Now you know what sounds […]

  • Sacred Om Meditation Music

    Sacred Om Meditation Music

    Did you know that the world was created by “om”? Much like the greeting “Namaste”, we often come across the word “om” or “aum”. It is commonly used as a mantra (a word/phrase repeated verbally or in our mind) for meditation. But do you know what the word “om” actually means? One meaning of the word is (see […]

  • Rain Sounds For Meditation

    Rain Sounds For Meditation

    Don’t you just love rain? Sometimes it’s great to run around in a summer rain, just enjoying how it cools you down after a long hot day. But I have to admit, most of the time it’s even better being inside when it rains. Listening to the rain as it pours outside, bouncing off the roof, […]

  • Throat Singing Meditation Music

    Throat Singing Meditation Music

    Ever since the first time I hear Mongolian throat singing, I’ve been captivated. How is it possible that someone can sing two notes at once, and in such a deep, mysterious and primal sounding way? Perhaps I should take this as a sign to try and learn it myself… What do you think? No matter your […]

  • Chanting Music For Relaxation

    Chanting Music For Relaxation

    Relax your brain for a few minutes! A study has shown that chanting can reduce activity in the limbic system (associated with stress, emotion, learning, motivation, and more), effectively relaxing the brain. And as if that wasn’t enough, other studies have found similar results from playing and listening to music. This is great to remember if […]

  • Cricket Sounds For Meditation

    Cricket Sounds For Meditation

    What is the background music of your happiest childhood memories? Close your eyes, and think back to your childhood memories from summer and vacation. What do you hear in the background? Now, the answer you have will most likely not be the same as mine, as this is very subjective and dependent on a lot of factors. Like where […]

  • Celtic Meditation Music

    Celtic Meditation Music

    Is there anything more magical and soothing than celtic music? If you don’t know what celtic style music is, have a listen to the music in the video below and see if you recognize it. The video is 3 hours long, and features celtic music of different tempo and atmosphere. Some parts are more calming than others, while […]