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  • Meditation Goes Mainstream

    Meditation Goes Mainstream

    Yahoo News did an article, just 3 days ago, about how meditation has become mainstream. Along with the article, there is also a 4 minutes video with some interviews and a positive narrative about the benefits and popularity of meditation and mindfulness. They interview meditation author Dan Harris about his panic attack on live television, and how…

  • Meditation: The Ultimate Cure?

    Meditation: The Ultimate Cure?

    Sit still, and be amazed at what happens. Today I want to share some exciting discoveries with you. Chances are very good that you’ve tried meditation, but did you know how good it is for you? You might be surprised. Research has been pointing to the powerful benefits of meditation for years, and a recent study…

  • Study Reveals Surprising Meditation Finds

    Study Reveals Surprising Meditation Finds

    It turns out meditation can result in parts of our brain becoming thicker, and help us become less depressed and more emotionally attuned. Mic reports in a fresh article: “It turns out meditating is good for more than just quiet time: It can actually help us fight the cripplingly high stress levels we experience during our…