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  • Meditation Quote 104: “Body on your seat, mind in your body, mind in relaxation.” – Patrul Rinpoche

    Meditation Quote 104-feature

    Is your mind all over the place? Mine surely can be, especially in stressful situations. Under stress we are often prone to get a case of “the monkey brain”. Thoughts attacking us from all directions, for no apparent reason. The paradox is that in these very situations, we are in the most need of the calming […]

  • Meditation Quote 98: “The whole of meditation practice can be essentialized into these 3 crucial points: Bring your mind home. Release. And relax!” – Sogyal Rinpoche

    Meditation Quote 98

    Bring your mind home. Release. And relax! Isn’t that just beautiful? Lengthy instructions, complex courses and days (or weeks, months, years..) of practice – summed up in such simple words. The human mind has a tendency to overcomplicate things. To make false assumptions, overprepare, and worry. But the truth is that most of the things we overcomplicate, turn […]

  • Native American Meditation Music

    Native American Meditation Music

    Ever felt like there is a deep mystery to some of the world’s indigenous music? An enchanting beauty and calm, communicating earth’s mysteries through the power of music. Tapping into this mystery can be great for relaxation, and lulling us into a state of calm and peace. And I believe there is no better instrument to represent […]

  • Meditation Music For Beach Lovers

    Meditation Music For Beach Lovers

    Ever wanted to bring the beach into your home, to embrace it’s relaxing qualities more often? Now you can! Here is a total of 11 hours of beach sounds, ready to help you relax and meditate. I find this to be perfect both for relaxing while drinking a cup of tea, play in the background […]

  • Half A Day Of Meditation Music

    I have previously shared long videos with meditation music, but never anything THIS long. A whole HALF A DAY of meditation music. It is a variation of music, ranging from pan flute and string instruments to piano and tibetan singing bowls. This video can be used in several ways: Switch it up by skipping to a random […]

  • Guided Meditation For Deep Relaxation

    Today we want to share this guided meditation for deep relaxation with you, and introduce you to another great meditation resource. Guided meditations are great both if you’re a meditation beginner, but also if you just want some inspiration for new techniques, or want to try something different. This particular guided meditation is dedicated to deep relaxation, connecting […]

  • Allow Yourself Some Relaxation

    An important part of meditation is to start off with a relaxation technique. You can relax just by sitting in nature, take a soothing bath, or listen to relaxing music. My preferred way though, is the golden globe. Let me share with you this wonderful little relaxation technique. The Golden Globe This is a visualization technique […]