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  • Meditation Music For Beach Lovers

    Meditation Music For Beach Lovers

    Ever wanted to bring the beach into your home, to embrace it’s relaxing qualities more often? Now you can! Here is a total of 11 hours of beach sounds, ready to help you relax and meditate. I find this to be perfect both for relaxing while drinking a cup of tea, play in the background…

  • Calming Seas Meditation

    Calming Seas Meditation

    Swooooosh! That unmistaken sound of waves hitting the shore.¬†Poseidon, mermaids, cleansing, the beginning of all things.. The sea¬†has a close connection to many of us – past and present. We’ve previously shared nature meditation music from the forest with you. Here we are with meditation music (or rather, sounds) from the sea – for a…