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  • The Art Of Travel And Stillness

    The Art Of Travel And Stillness

    A new Ted Talk about meditation and travel just came out. And it’s a great one! It’s about how a man was driven to travel the world from a very early age, became a travel writer, and discovered meditation in the process. Here is his own perspective on how travel and meditation can go┬áhand in…

  • The One Thing That Can Make Your Heart Sing

    The One Thing That Can Make Your Heart Sing

    I invite you to relax your tendency to rush. I offer you a moment to slow down. You’ve probably felt it before. You may even be feeling it now. That subtle sense that something isn’t right. That you have to do something – move, fidget, work, check your phone, check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. And this…

  • The Stillness

    The Stillness

    The mind is a thought machine. Literally thousands of thoughts race through our heads on a daily basis. Plans, agendas, hopes, worries, judgments, “good” thoughts, “bad” thoughts, all come as a neverending stream, interrupted only by – you guessed it! – meditation. Through the practice of meditation, we cultivate a stillness of the mind. With…