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  • The Art Of Travel And Stillness

    The Art Of Travel And Stillness

    A new Ted Talk about meditation and travel just came out. And it’s a great one! It’s about how a man was driven to travel the world from a very early age, became a travel writer, and discovered meditation in the process. Here is his own perspective on how travel and meditation can go┬áhand in…

  • From Sick Care To Health Care

    From Sick Care To Health Care

    I just watched a new Ted Talk today, and I was stunned at it’s vision and wisdom. It was held by Rishi Manchanda, on the topic of how health care professionals need to be more “upstream” and focused on finding the root cause/causes of their patient’s diseases. Simply prescribing pills won’t necessarily cure the patient…

  • Meditation, Neuroscience And Shit

    Meditation, Neuroscience And Shit

    Today I came across a highly interesting TEDx talk, recommended by Russell Simmons in his new book “Success Through Stillness: Meditation Made Simple”. It is a wonderful book, and I will definitely be writing more about it in future posts. But for now, let’s get back to this┬átalk. The talk is by Hedy Kober PhD…