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  • How To Use Mala Beads

    How To Use Mala Beads

      Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Bahá’í, and now Mindfulness. What do they all have in common? Prayer beads! The most commonly used term for prayer beads, at least when it comes to mindfulness and the recent meditation revival, is “mala beads”. This is a Buddhist term, but has also been adopted by all types […]

  • What Book About Meditation Should Everyone In The World Read?

    What Book About Meditation Should Everyone In The World Read?

    Have you ever read a great meditation book? A book that made you think, “if everyone in the world read this the world would be a better place”. Just imagine everyone learning how to become calmer, more peaceful and happier… … by chanting “OM” in a wiggly lotus position. Or just sitting quietly in a chair. I prefer […]

  • The Pebble Meditation Technique

    The Pebble Meditation Technique

    Ever held a pebble in your hand? I bet you have, at least as a child. A child examines everything it comes across. Feel, taste, touch, play! So with that in mind, what better way to introduce children (and everyone else) to meditation than with the help of a pebble.. ..or 4 pebbles! That is exactly what Thich Nhat […]

  • Zazn Meditation App

    Zazn Meditation App

    Does your meditation timer have guided meditations, adjustable settings and numerous sound effects? I used to simply use the alarm on my smartphone as a meditation timer. It works ok, but the alarm can be a bit startling, and does not have anything extra. Just the alarm sound going off at the set time. It […]

  • 3 Quick Meditation Pillow Facts

    3 Quick Meditation Pillow Facts

    My first encounter with a meditation pillow was in a spiritual shop in Paris where the clerk told me that “this one is very good for levitation”. I tried to keep a serious face, but my friend giggled in disbelief. About a decade later I still haven’t been able to levitate on my pillow. Whether it […]

  • Free Meditation Timers

    Free Meditation Timers

    When you meditate it is a good habit to use a timer with sound – both to keep you from wondering how long you’ve been meditating and checking the time every two minutes, but also to more easily commit to a set duration for your meditation session. To do this you may simply use a timed alarm on your cell phone, […]