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  • Jerald Simon, Featured Meditation Music
    Heartbeat Meditation Music

    Lub dub! Lub dub! Lub dub… Wonder what those words are meant to be? Heartbeat sounds! The medical description for the heartbeat sound is “lub dub”. Lub describing the “first heart sound” (the closing of the AV valves), and dub...

    • Posted March 25, 2015
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  • Flow And Meditation, Featured Article
    Flow And Meditation

    Ever felt completely absorbed by what you were doing? I am sure we all have had such an experience of being “in the flow”. What a great place to be. In fact, a man named Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi...

    • Posted March 23, 2015
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  • Guided Meditation "The Seat"
    Guided Meditation “The Seat”

    This wooden bench – on a field – is waiting for you… Join as we revisit “The Honest Guys”, and their fabulous YouTube Channel. We’ve previously featured guided meditations from them, in these posts: Guided Meditation, Blissful...

    • Posted March 21, 2015
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  • Sacred Om Meditation Music
    Sacred Om Meditation Music

    Did you know that the world was created by “om”? Much like the greeting “Namaste”, we often come across the word “om” or “aum”. It is commonly used as a mantra (a word/phrase repeated verbally or in our mind)...

    • Posted March 20, 2015
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  • Mindfulness Talk By Thich Nhat Hanh

    Ever wanted to learn mindfulness directly from and old and wise monk? You can! And you don’t even have to move an inch to do so. Here is a mindfulness talk that was held in 2011 by...

    • Posted March 17, 2015
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  • Throat Singing Meditation Music
    Throat Singing Meditation Music

    Ever since the first time I hear Mongolian throat singing, I’ve been captivated. How is it possible that someone can sing two notes at once, and in such a deep, mysterious and primal sounding way? Perhaps I should...

    • Posted March 6, 2015
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  • Interview With Peter Ragnar
    Interview With Peter Ragnar

    I recently had the great pleasure of interviewing author and expert, Peter Ragnar, about meditation. I am super excited that we got to interview Peter, an author of 30 books on topics such as meditation, motivation, qi gong, longevity,...

    • Posted March 3, 2015
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  • Chanting Music For Relaxation
    Chanting Music For Relaxation

    Relax your brain for a few minutes! A study has shown that chanting can reduce activity in the limbic system (associated with stress, emotion, learning, motivation, and more), effectively relaxing the brain. And as if that wasn’t enough,...

    • Posted March 1, 2015
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  • Everything You Need To Know About Meditation
    Everything You Need To Know About Meditation

    Meditation does not work for me, I am telling you! Ever heard such a comment from someone? Or perhaps you’ve been guilty of saying it yourself… It’s one of the many meditation myths that we have been...

    • Posted February 27, 2015
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  • Virtual Reality Guided Meditation
    Virtual Reality Guided Meditation

    Wait no more, the future is here! Imagine yourself putting on a device which transports you to a virtual reality where it feels like you’re  actually there. That device is called Oculus Rift, and is an amazing piece of technology....

    • Posted February 23, 2015
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