The Boldness To Be Who You Are

There are moments in life when we are called. We are asked. We are told. We hear that little voice, and we are nudged (or shoved!) in the direction of our dreams.

Just around the bend, we see a clearing. A new direction presents itself, and we must choose.

When we choose the way of boldness, when we choose to play BIG instead of continuing to be small, even if it causes anxiety — especially when it causes anxiety — we are choosing to expand beyond the confines of our former self, unfolding like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon.

This calling is the life that is waiting to emerge from within us. It is the longing for who we might become, the hunger for who we truly are. By committing to this path of our deepest unfolding, we align our aspirations with the feeling in our bones. The feeling of impending greatness.

Where are you holding back? Where are you letting fear clip your wings? Where can you let go even more?


Quick Meditation Tip

Connecting to the breath connects us to the present moment. Fall into the feeling of the breath, and let any concept of your “Self” dissolve. Thoughts cease. Peace abounds.

Quote From Adam

“Once you make a decision, follow it with all your spirit. When you sit, sit. When you stand, stand. Whatever you do, don’t wobble.”
– Dan Millman

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