The Ease Of Joy

When we allow for it, joy simply emerges from within. It is a fundamental aspect of our basic nature.

The best illustration of this is when you are standing in front of a beautifully picturesque nature scene – an amazing mountain view or breathtaking sunset, for example.

You stand there, silent. There are no words to describe it. No thoughts come to mind. There is just awe.

As thoughts and concepts escape us, we are left with our true nature. In these moments where we quite literally have never “seen it before,” there is a newness, a freshness, and this refreshingly pure present moment is full of joy.

We feel adundantly joyful, like a kid again. For no reason.

Completely unencumbered by our thinking mind, we release into this space, into this lightness that surrounds us.

As we practice, moments like this become more frequent. Joy becomes more abundant. As we practice how to BE in this way.

Quick Meditation Tip

With each in-breath, notice your posture, feel into it. With each out-breath, completely relax and let go, feeling the tension melt into the Earth, like your body is just dissolving, releasing, letting go.

Quote From Adam

“You do not have to push yourself into the practice of meditation but just let it be. If you practice in this way, a feeling of space and ventilation automatically comes, the expression of the Buddha-nature or basic intelligence that is working its way through confusion. Then you begin to find the understanding of the ‘truth of the path,’ simplicity.”
– Chogyam Trungpa

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