The Power Of Attention

What we choose to pay attention to — where we invest our resources (like time, dollars, love, smiles) — determines, in large part, our overall level of happiness.

If we spend our days focused on how things never go our way, or how the boss is always gunning for us, or how there never seems to be any time to do anything fun, this is the reality that we see.

If we seek to confirm our suspicion that the world is against us, guess what we find? Evidence that supports the quest for this confirmation.

Conversely, if we spend our days focused on how beautifully sunny it is every day, or how that person on the road just let you go in front of them, or how pleasant the cashier at the grocery store was today, this attention to the pleasant-ness of life leads to more of the same.

As Monty Python says, “Always look on the bright side of life…”

We have a choice in the matter. But first we must become aware of the choices that we are currently living through.

If we are oblivious to where we are directing our attention (to the positive, negative, or something in-between), then we don’t have a choice. We only have our default setting.

To become aware is to be able to act.

Do you see clear, sunny skies most days? Or are you too mired in negative thinking to even look up?

Are you the beacon of light at the dreary workplace? Or are you the “dreary” at your workplace?

While we may not be happy every single day, we have tendencies – what we choose to be most of the time. And we can change these tendencies with practice.

Commit today to live through joy, and see how the world reflects this commitment. Better wear shades!

Quick Meditation Tip

The thoughts that arise during meditation can not sway us. We simply keep coming back to the breath, keep letting go, keep relaxing. Even on days where the thoughts spin like caught in a violent wind, we just sit, weathering the storm.

Mindful Homework

What are you mindful of right now? Take a look around. Absorb the sights, sounds, smells – while still keeping your attention rooted firmly in the body. Notice your feet on the ground, the chair supporting you. Now go back to what you were doing with a newfound attention to detail.

Quote From Adam

“Everything in your life is there as a vehicle for your transformation. Use it!”
– Ram Dass

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