The Practice Of Acceptance

When we practice how to surrender – because that’s what meditation is – and we do it on a regular basis, this becomes our mantra. We surrender to anything that comes up.

Traffic has us late for work, we surrender. The boss dumped on us again, we surrender. The kids are sick, you’re sick, and dinner still needs to be prepared – surrender.

And it becomes this way with the bigger things in life too. Our relationship isn’t working anymore – or maybe it never has – we surrender. We were just given a pink slip from the job we thought we’d always have, surrender.

By allowing things to simply be as they are, even when it’s difficult, there is space. And what might’ve seemed impossible to deal with becomes quite workable. We may even see an opening.

Meditation is the practice of accepting life as it is, seeing our reflexive thoughts, feeling our habitual emotions – just watching all of this. And in the midst of this swirling storm we confidently take action, venturing boldly into the unknown.

It’s not easy, but it’s always worth it.

Quick Meditation Tip

This time is all about you. Take it. Relax into it, FALL into it.  Don’t let anyone or anything dissuade you from your meditation time — even yourself. Especially yourself.

Quote From Adam

“Embrace the higher truth that everything comes to pass exactly as it should. Find peace and wisdom by accepting what is.”
– Dan Millman

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