The Promise Of Meditation

When allowed to inform the rest of our lives, meditation provides a great opportunity. More calm, more clarity, more confidence all result from our daily practice of sitting, breathing and being still. And this stillness is made available to us at all times — there is even a sense that our daily life can become a meditative exercise unto itself.

This is the promise of meditation:  That we can arrive at each moment completely present and aware, and even if it’s difficult, breathe through it and into it, embracing whatever comes. Only when shrink from our experience, recoiling in fear, do we prevent ourselves from living fully.

With the same upright and aligned posture with which we practice, we can meet our daily lives, open and awake.

Ready for anything. Bring it on!

Quick Meditation Tip

When you sit, allow everything in your field of awareness to point back to the breath.  A car passes outside, mind the breath.  Your neighbor slams a door, mind the breath.  Thoughts come racing, return to the breath.  Gently and without judgment, always tending to the breath.

Quote From Adam

“There’s only one reality and it’s Now. And the strange thing is there never was any other reality than the present moment. There truly is no past. I mean, this is a shocking thing. There’s no past and there’s no future. We think there is…but all we have now is access to memories, which are in fact just thoughts in the present…There is no past to figure out and there is no future to anticipate. When we realize that then we can be completely and fully present to what’s going on now.”
– Reggie Ray

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