For Those Who Think They Can’t Slow Down

For Those Who Think They Can't Slow Down

Life too busy, and you feel really ready to sloooow down and enjoy some time off?

Here are 4 sure-fire ways you too can slooooow down:

1. Say NO

Take a look at your schedule this month. Is it crammed with a lot of activities? Shopping? Work parties? Errands? Nights out with friends? Overtime? Cut out some extra activities in favor of a quiet night in. Only attend functions that are a must. It’s okay to say ‘no’ to invitations.

Copyright: Daniel Horacio Agostini

2. Avoid Crowds

Do you really need to be stuck in traffic to get to the shopping mall only to be stuck in line to pay for gifts that can be easily found online? Make a shopping list, look for it online (many places offer free shipping), then spend the extra time you’ve saved sitting back, chilling, and enjoying a hot cup of cocoa. (Better yet, tell all your friends and family to forgo gifts this year and have a big potluck instead! No shopping, no long lines, no bills, no hassle!)

Copyright: Neo_II

3. Allow For Some Alone Time

This week, go for a long hike. Inhale the brisk cool air. Take in your surroundings. Listen for birds. Let nature replenish and nurture your soul. Ahhhh.

Copyright: Lance Shields

4. Repeat #1-3 as necessary

Copyright: Wendy

Enjoy the time off!

Stress Release Tip

Too much to do and don’t know what to cut out? Everyone item on your to-do list just has to get done? Take a step back. Take three deep breaths. Drop the shoulders. Relax that mid-back. Allow the tension in your neck to melt away. Take a look at that list again. Is there anything that can be scratched off? Delegated to someone else? Pushed off to another day? Remember, it’s your choice to cut back now…or get sick later and then you’ll have no choice. Cut back today. Not everything has to get done now.

Mindful Moment

Some time this week, spend 20 minutes reminiscing the past year. What are some successes? What are some challenges? No matter where your journey is, take a moment to bask in how far you’ve come this year. Whatever you celebrate this month, don’t forget to celebrate your Self!

Quote From Dana & Adam

“Sometimes our stop-doing list should be longer than our to-do list.”
– Patti Digh

P.S. Going forward we (the team at Zen Life Services) won’t be writing for Daily Meditate often as you’re used too. But don’t despair, if you need to get a hold of us we’re always on Facebook and Twitter.

This post was co-written by our contributors Dana Lin and Adam Timm.

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