When Your Thoughts Overwhelm

There are always going to be those times when rampant thinking prevents settling into the experience before us. What do we do then?

Just keep breathing.

The thoughts may even have us overlook our meditation practice, “There’s no way I can sit today, things are just too noisy.”

Yet these are the moments that offer the greatest chances for breakthrough. For true understanding of what’s going beneath the turbulent seas.

We just sit with the thoughts, follow the thread, returning again and again to the feeling of just being there, embracing everything that comes up as simply perfect.

There is nothing to “figure out.” Nothing to know. No striving is necessary.

And it is this way whenever distraction erupts from within.

Approaching ourselves with compasssion and constancy, the storms pass. A solution presents itself. Sight becomes clear.

Weather the storms with the knowledge that you have everything you need.

Quick Meditation Tip

Even though we look forward to the next meditation session, we mustn’t judge what comes out of it. If we label our time “good” or “bad,” “peaceful” or “anxious,” or anything else, we fail to accept it exactly as it is.

Quote From Adam

“When you are feeling wretched, think of your meditation cushion. When you are feeling depressed, confused, excessively paranoid or poverty stricken, think of your next meditation session. Think that you will have an opportunity to sit down and work with this painful and seemingly solid state of mind. Realize that all states of mind become workable on the cushion, and feel joy that we have such a priceless resource as our practice. When you are feeling trapped or hemmed in by solid pain, realize that this is just a temporary situation and that soon you will be able to take the elixir that dissolves obstacles and gets the path moving again.”
– Reggie Ray

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