Top 10 Meditation T-Shirts

T-shirts are a great way to make a statement about meditation, and be fashionable at the same time. But there are literally thousands of meditation t-shirts to choose from out there. Which to choose?

If you mix in yoga, zen, buddha, spirituality, new age and religion themed t-shirts – the possibilities are endless.

You can get chakra themed t-shirts, t-shirts filled with religious symbols, simple t-shirts with a short message, something funny – and the list goes on and on.

So, to make it easy for you when it comes to meditation t-shirts, we have made a list of our top 10 meditation t-shirts.

Hope you like them. Please tell us about your own favorite meditation t-shirt, by submitting a comment below!

Don’t Hate – Meditate


This t-shirt has a great message, a good choice of font, an appealing message, and a good rhyme. Definitely one of our all-time favorite t-shirts.

Available here…

Heavily Meditated


A simple t-shirt with a simple, yet powerful message. We love how this is a play on the commonly used phrase “heavily medicated”, and makes a statement that meditation is a great cure and alternative to medication.

Available here…

OOM Cow Mediation T-Shirt


Aom, om, oom! Ever noticed how AOM sounds like MOO reversed? We sure haven’t – until we saw this funny t-shirt. A great drawing with a great pun, and a cute twist on meditation stereotypes.

Available here…

Be Open Chakra Mediation T-Shirt


While meditation can be neutral and non-dogmatic, for many it is an integral part of their belief, spirituality, or religion.

Chakra is one of the most common spiritual mixes with meditation, so we decided to include this t-shirt for the chakra lovers out there. Simple and stylish, this t-shirt does not make much full sense to anyone who does not know anything about chakras – which can be a good thing.

Available here…

Meditation Man In Circle T-Shirt


This is a t-shirt with a man meditating in a cross legged position, surrounded by a circle. Plain and simple. We like this t-shirt for it’s simple graphic, and clear meditation message.

Available here…

Rafiki Meditation T-Shirt


Rafiki from Disney’s Lion King has been stirring up spiritual imagery in many a kids mind. On this t-shirt he is portrayed in deep meditation – with eyes closed, feet crossed and fingers posed. A fun way to display a love for Disney and mediation at the same time.

Available here…

Buddha In Circle Meditation T-Shirt


This distinctly asian style meditation t-shirt, spots a buddha figure in a calligraphy circle. Stylish, simple, and powerful. While this t-shirt is not for every meditator, it is well suited for the buddhists or buddhism influenced individuals out there.

Available here…

Evolution of the Mind T-Shirt


A beautiful play on the classic human evolution graphics, this t-shirt paints the picture of a man evolving towards meditation as the ultimate pursuit. A nerdy, yet powerful statement on a t-shirt. Perfect for any hipster meditator out there!

Available here…

Just Be Platypus T-Shirt


Everyone knows that every platypus loves meditation! Or not? Anyways, this t-shirt is funny with a clear message of “just be”. While not exclusively a meditation t-shirt, this is a great way to send a message of being mindful and allowing time for meditation.

Available here…

Om Symbol T-Shirt


Om is well known, both as a sound, in written, and as a symbol. While not everyone will be able to recognize this symbol, it is both stylish and fashionable. You can wear this t-shirt to any yoga class, and look both good and smart doing your downward-facing dog.

Available here…

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