Top 3 Meditation Positions

There are numerous meditation positions and asanas (sanskrit yoga term for position). But how to choose which one to use? Some require great flexibility, strength and practice – while others are as simple as sitting on the floor.

At Daily Meditate we believe in simplicity. When learning how to meditate we don’t suggest you start with anything complex like the lotus position (cross-legged sitting). Make it simple!

Here are our favorite top 3 meditation postions, chosen for their simplicity and general availability.

  1. Grab a chair
    Simply sit down on a chair, flat feet on floor, and back straight. You can also use a bench or something else than is fitting. The reason we love this position so much is that there is almost always a chair or bench close by, and is quite comfortable compared to other positions.
  2. Sit down
    When sitting down on the floor or ground, we recommend you use a cushion or pillow to sit on. Special meditation cushions can be used for this, but almost any pillow will do. You can either sit with your legs crossed (no need to cross them fully like the lotus position) or on your knees. The trick is to place the cushion directly under your bottom, so you get some elevation. Sitting with legs straight forward can also be done, but as it can be a strain for the back it is wise to lean against a wall for support.
  3. Walking
    Walking meditation is best known as Kinhin (a Zen Buddhism term) but been adopted by modern day meditators as well. Simply got for a walk, but dedicate it to meditation. Adopt a slow but normal pace, and make the experience of walking the attention of your focus.

We encourage you to experiment with these (and other) positions, until you find one that suits you well.

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