What Can Meditation Show Us About Stress And Anxiety?

Sometimes when we sit down to practice we feel quite anxious, fidgety and even claustrophobic. And we might even consider just not practicing today. But these trying moments offer the greatest gains.

Seeing this anxiety and the tension that it produces is huge.  Maybe we’re consumed with thoughts about everything we have to do, maybe our bank account is overdrawn, maybe work is really getting us down.

By seeing how these thoughts are affecting us at the physical level and bringing awareness to it, we interrupt this stream of thought, this feeling of tension. And the more we allow these thoughts to simply fall away, the more at peace we feel, with less tension.

Over time, we get used to this releasing and allowing, and we are able get out of our heads and get into the feeling of living.

Quick Meditation Tip

Our posture is so important when we practice. Alignment and relaxation leads to open attentiveness. Be sure your back is upright, chin tilted slightly downward to extend the top of the spine. Knees should be below the pelvis, hands resting palms down, mid-thigh, feet planted firmly on the ground. This grounded, aligned and balanced posture permits the greatest amount of somatic relaxation.

Quote From Adam

“Thoughts naturally arise. The point of meditation is not to banish thoughts but to make peace with them by realizing their lack of substance.”
– Dan Millman

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