What Direction Will YOU Take?

Happy Saturday! I hope your week was lovely.

This past week offered me an opportunity.

I could fall into old habitual patterns, or I could make a conscious decision to go a different way.

The moment of decision was prompted by a sudden rush of emotion – the wisdom of the body offered me a sign – and I initially fell into the old rut.

I went along with what I’d always done, until I realized that this decision was unacceptable.

My old way was to keep the peace of the situation while giving a piece of myself away in the process. While keeping the peace of the situation on the surface, seeds of resentment are planted.

So I changed my position. I took a more genuine path.

A path that, from the outside, looked more thorny. But on this path, I found clarity and peace waiting.

I needed only to speak my truth, to honor the wisdom that flowed from the depth of my personal experience. I followed the flow of my emotions to understand this peace, to know which way to go.

There is a directionality about your life, a flow that is determined by a confluence of circumstances set into motion long before this moment.

We tune into this present moment flow with all of our senses, but it is the subtle (or not so subtle) feelings of the body that offer us the most true understand of which direction we are to go.

Taking time each day to still the mind — to breathe, to relax our usual aggressive pace of thoughts — allows us the opportunity to touch the wisdom of the body.

To know, at the depth of feeling, at the level of intuition, what is next.

This wisdom is the story of our lives. It is the message that your personal experience has brought you.

Relax into it, and allow your true path to emerge.

Stress Release Tip

Laugh today!! When we crack a smile and laugh, the stress response is interrupted, the brain releases endorphins, and our mood lightens. Tension and overwhelm got you feeling blue? Take a Youtube comedy break and make a daring comeback into positive territory. 🙂

Mindful Homework

When you meet a difficult situation today — someone says something that triggers you, your spouse doesn’t notice the nice thing you did, your boss harasses you — see if you can be with it fully. Notice, “I am frustrated/angry/sad right now, interesting.” Where does this feeling arise in your body? Be with it fully. And notice how, when we give the feeling our attention, the story – our thinking mind – isn’t allowed to run away with us.

Quote From Adam

“If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking.”
– Buddhist proverb

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