Where Are You Rushing Off To?

Today I invite you to look at the speed of your thoughts. Notice that the stream of thinking, from the moment you wake up, until the moment you lay back down, propels you ever forward in a non-stop quest for…… what?

What are we rushing around for?

Why are we in such a hurry to get to the next day, the next vacation, the next experience?

We can’t seem to sit still and rest in the present moment. We may not even know how to!

A recent poll by Fierce Consulting, a personnel consulting group based in Seattle, speaks to this inability to relax.

They conducted a study, polling 1,000 employees across wide swath of industries, upper management, middle managers and employees alike

58% of respondents polled found no relief from stress as a result of vacation.

27% found life MORE STRESSFUL as a result of taking vacation!

So in our incessant rush to get to the next thing, we’ve created a habit.

A habit of stressing about tomorrow as we rush towards it.

A habit that can’t even be broken by taking a vacation, because it is our underlying thinking that causes this questing.

Constantly looking outside of ourselves from something to quell our bubbling anxiety, we search and search, latching onto the next great thing — any experience will do!

The search isn’t necessary. The rush isn’t needed.

We just need to relax and let life unfold.

Do not mistake this for laziness. The present moment will ask you to take action, and if you are waiting, ready and open, you will know exactly what to do. You will feel it.

Thoughts aside, we can see clearly.

Wishing you a joyful and loving day!

Quick Meditation Tip

Allow yourself to rest in the space provided by the present moment. We enter this space by feeling into the breath, relaxing, and doing it again. With practice, the space of the present moment creates space between our thoughts and lightness in our being. Things seem more open, more workable. Simply by arriving. Here. Now.

Mindful Homework

As you prepare your breakfast this morning, as you eat lunch, as enjoy dinner, notice where your mind is. Are you unconsciously shoveling bite after bite in your mouth as you think about everything else you have to get to? Or are you chewing slowly, small bites, tasting your food, allowing yourself to enjoy the act of eating. Mindfulness is about bringing your meditation practice into your daily life. Releasing the rush, you are free to enjoy what’s in front of you.

Quote From Adam

“When we face things as they are, we give up the hope of something better. Depression and ignorance, the emotions, whatever we experience, are all real and contain tremendous truth. If we really want to learn and see the experience of truth, we have to be where we are.”
– Chogyam Trungpa

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