Where Is The Love?

Today, take special care to focus on the abundance in your life, the goodness, the love. Where do you see it? Where do you feel it?

We sometimes get locked into a very limited view of love — that it’s something we quest for, something we reserve for “the one,” something that is hard to come by.

But it isn’t really.

It’s a bit more simple. And much more available.

Love is in the brilliance of the radiant morning sunshine, the smiles of strangers walking by, old friends and new friends, the warmth of soft sheets that won’t let you get up until you’ve “snoozed” a few times, the morning coffee, the chance to follow your dream, the playful exuberance of your children, the purr of a furry friend.

Whatever moves you! Whatever brings you joy.

We are literally surrounded, every single moment of every single day, showered by the love of the world.

Even daily difficulties offer a silver lining as they resolve – the classic “tension and release” – there’s such satisfaction when things finally come together!

Love isn’t something we need to search for, we just have to tune our awareness to pick up the signal.

Like when you used to wiggle the rabbit ears of that old television set, the channel is there waiting.

As we tune in, we become a conduit for this channel of joy and abundance.

Things flow more easily here.

The sun shines brighter, the trees more majestic, there’s a bounce in your step, and challenges don’t overwhelm as they once did.

It’s a perfect time to remember all that we are grateful for — as if each beautiful day wasn’t enough!

How will you tune into the love today?

Quick Meditation Tip

Once you’ve worked with a technique for a while; watching the breath at the tip of the nose, counting the breath, or consciously releasing tension from areas of the body; see if you can drop the technique and sit quietly, just noticing the space around you. Keep the breath and body in the background as you allow your field of awareness to expand to other aspects of the present moment. The temperature of the air on your skin, the sounds all around, any sensations coming and going. The breath is the gateway to this field of present moment awareness.

Mindful Homework

When you consciously extend courtesy and compassion to those who cross your path today (even if they don’t know it), you are spreading this energy. There is no other way about it. In a pure state of mindfulness, where we watch our thoughts rise and fall with keen accuracy, we begin to see when we are being stingy with our kindness. You pass a coworker and don’t say “Hi,” you don’t even look. Why? In this moment, is there a reason? No, it’s a holdover from the past. Mindfully letting go of the past the binds us, we can be free to give without reservation, from an unlimited source.

Quote From Adam

“Trust, and you will start feeling a new upsurge of energy in you; that energy is love. That energy wants to bless the whole existence, because in that energy one feels blessed. And when you feel blessed what else can you do except bless the whole of existence?”
– Osho

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