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  • Guided Slow Yoga Meditation

    Guided Slow Yoga Meditation

    Yoga + Meditation = True! Yoga and meditation go hand in hand. There is no doubt about that (*). Yoga means to come together and make whole, and is a system of exercises for mental and physical health. “What?! Yoga is not only about impossible poses and yoga pants?” – Some random guy Yoga incorporates meditation…

  • Yoga Breathing As Meditation Exercise

    Yoga Breathing As Meditation Exercise

    Ever done the Darth Vader voice? I definitely have! Watch the video below to discover what Darth Vader has to do with yoga and meditation. In this 10 minute instructional video, renowned Vinyasa Yoga teacher and spiritual activist Seane Corn, teaches us 4 different yoga breathing techniques. Breathing is also central in most meditation traditions around the…

  • 96-Year-Old Holds Yoga World Record

    96-Year-Old Holds Yoga World Record

    Watch this video to see how a 96 year young woman holds the yoga world record for oldest living yoga teacher. This video REALLY inspired me, and made me rethink some of my lifestyle and attitude choices. Amazing how she both teaches yoga, practices ballroom dancing, has such a positive glow and attitude, and smiles…