Living Simply Through The Present

Meditation offers the opportunity to see what it feels like to do just one thing at a time. Every day, our meditation session is like a beacon, a guiding light for the rest of our waking life.

Through it, we might see just how distracted we are as we eat dinner: Bite,”how much more is there to do before bed?” Bite, “oh I forgot the laundry,” Bite, “I still have to pay the power bill.”

Perhaps not even aware of the delicious food in our mouth. So consumed by the periphery elements of life.

These thoughts occur all the time, frequently without us even noticing. They are the cause for that subtle feeling of dis-ease, perhaps just a bit of tension.

But what happens when we are fully present to our meal, chewing each bite slowly, savoring every flavor, connecting with the experience of doing just this? Where is our mind? Our thoughts?

BOOM! Right here, right now.

And it can be like this with every experience that arises, if we allow for it. But it takes practice. Practice to slow down this mind conditioned to always seek constant stimulus.

Your daily sitting meditation is this practice.

Quick Meditation Tip

Meditation shows us that we can sit doing nothing for a period of time, and not only is it not boring, it changes our lives for the better.

Quote From Adam

“To live a simple life, focus on doing one thing at a time. You never have to deal with anything but this present moment. (The past and future are nice to visit, but you don’t want to live there.)”
– Dan Millman

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