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  • Meditation Quote 104: “Body on your seat, mind in your body, mind in relaxation.” – Patrul Rinpoche

    Meditation Quote 104-feature

    Is your mind all over the place? Mine surely can be, especially in stressful situations. Under stress we are often prone to get a case of “the monkey brain”. Thoughts attacking us from all directions, for no apparent reason. The paradox is that in these very situations, we are in the most need of the calming […]

  • How To Use Mala Beads

    How To Use Mala Beads, Featured Article

      Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Bahá’í, and now Mindfulness. What do they all have in common? Prayer beads! The most commonly used term for prayer beads, at least when it comes to mindfulness and the recent meditation revival, is “mala beads”. This is a Buddhist term, but has also been adopted by all types […]

  • Meditation Helps Relieve Migraines

    Meditation Helps Relieve Migraines, Featured Article

    Ever tried to give birth through your forehead? Unless you’re an ancient Greek god, I surely hope not. But that’s one of the explanations of how a migraine can feel like, compiled by The Huffington Post in their article “This Is What A Migraine Feels Like”. As you can see in the article, migraines are different […]

  • Forest Walk Meditation Music

    Forest Walk Meditation Music, Featured Article

    O, the joy of a forest walk! How wonderfully refreshing it can be to take a stroll in the forest, on a warm sunny day with birds singing and beautiful scenery. But it’s not always possible to head for the forest every time we want to refresh, relax, and enjoy nature. Which is why I […]

  • Gassho Position Guided Meditation

    Gassho Position Guided Meditation, Featured Article

    Ever heard about the Gassho position? The name derives from the teachings of Reiki healing teacher Dr. Usui, but despite the Reiki background it is less mysterious than you’d think. It is basically the same as the common Namaste greeting hand position. It’s this easy: you put your palms together in front of your chest. And TADA! Your […]

  • Short Talk On Mindfulness

    Short Talk On Mindfulness, Featured Video

    What is mindfulness? This video gives you the answer, and is made by Joelle from the Kernel of Wisdom Mindfulness YouTube Channel. I especially love how she has her own favorite mindfulness definition (and it’s not the most commonly used one from Jon Kabat-Zinn): “Mindfulness is about taking an authentic look at what’s really going on, […]

  • What Book About Meditation Should Everyone In The World Read?

    What Book About Meditation Should Everyone In The World Read?

    Have you ever read a great meditation book? A book that made you think, “if everyone in the world read this the world would be a better place”. Just imagine everyone learning how to become calmer, more peaceful and happier… … by chanting “OM” in a wiggly lotus position. Or just sitting quietly in a chair. I prefer […]

  • Meditation Quote 103: “Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

    Meditation Quote 103, Featured Article

    Do you smile enough? I sure don’t, but I try and remind myself to smile more often. Not only is it a positive thing to do, but when we smile a full sincere smile (a Duchenne smile) science has shown that it releases endorphins in our body. Endorphins are responsible for making us feel happy, […]

  • 5 Ways To Make Time For Meditation

    5 Ways To Make Time For Meditation, Featured Article

    Time is the world’s most valuable commodity, they say. Yet we seem to “spend” more and more of it, with very little time left to take care of our own well-being and health. Which is where meditation comes in with it’s ever increasing number of benefits. Meditation can help treat anxiety, depression and adhd, plus help […]

  • Mindfulness: More Than A Stress Ball, And Not Religion

    Mindfulness: More Than A Stress Ball, And Not Religion, Featured Article

    Have you ever heard about mindfulness? I bet you have. Repeatedly, and from all sorts of sources. Unless you’ve lived under a stone (or you’re not into meditation, psychology or self-help), you might have noticed that mindfulness has become fashionable, and that everyone from firemen to executives and school kids are practicing it these days. This […]

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