Guided Zen Meditation

Guided Zen Meditation

Did you know Leonard Cohen is an ordained zen monk? Discover more about that in the second video below…

But first, let’s talk about zazen (zen meditation).

What I love about the zazen practice is that it at it’s core is very simple, and mindfulness based.

This means that it is best practiced by focusing on nothing (not something, like your breath or a mantra). You still need to get the basics down first though, like your posture and breath.

Therefore, when looking for guided zen meditations you might not get very far. Most zazen videos and audio files out there introductions to the zazen practice, with descriptions of the various positions, and guidelines on how to breathe.



You won’t find it here! (sorry)

Instead, I have gathered 3 different youtube videos on zazen and zen, each covering a different topic – including an interview with zen monk Leonard Cohen.

Why should I practice Zen?

A mini interview with Brad Warner: Why should I practice Zen? In a series of mini interviews Brad Warner answers basic questions about Buddhism, Zen and Dogen.

Leonard Cohen on Sasaki Roshi

A short clip where Cohen discusses his relation with Zen teacher Joshu Sasaki Roshi.

Zen Meditation Instruction (How to Meditate)

Zen Meditation Instruction from Yokoji Zen Mountain Center, a Zen Buddhist Training Center located in the Southern California mountains. Instruction is given on how to sit zazen (seated meditation) in various positions – full lotus, cross legged, using a chair; also tips on breathing and how to go in to and out of meditation periods.

Hope you learned something from these videos. I certainly learned more about how Leonard Cohen became a zen monk.

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