How To Know If You Work Too Much

How To Know If You Work Too Much

If you were own boss, how many hours would you choose to work?

My message today is simple: Stop working so hard.

Treat yourself with the gentleness you reserve for a small child (you wouldn’t yell at a 3-year-old because they don’t know algebra, would you?) Take ample breaks. Leave your work at work.

Tap into your joy by playing every day. What would this look like for you?

Use the example you set for yourself last weekend to know what it feels like to be happy and carefree. You took advantage of the weekend and made sure to have some fun, didn’t you?

Remind yourself of this feeling of joy often. Let it be your guide.

When you’ve been working too much, your inner child gets cranky. We may not throw an audible temper tantrum, but sometimes we’d like to.

Can you tell when you’ve had enough of working all the time?

What does it feel like? What does your body say? Your mind?

Maybe there’s slight tension in your stomach, a dull headache, sluggishness. Or maybe you just KNOW!

As we become more tuned-in to the subtle messages of the body, we can take action before we burn out. Only you know when you’ve had enough.

We spend most of our lives comparing ourselves to the rest of the world — keeping up with the Joneses — but your real power lies in trusting yourself. In having faith in your journey.

Through the depth of your own experience, you tap into a vision beyond sight. A vision grounded in your personal truth.

You are your own boss. Treat yourself well today.

Stress Release Tip

While in touch with a feeling of joy, it is much easier to be grateful for what we have. This attitude of gratitude can help us overcome the daily onslaught of stress that so often comes with our work. And more joy flows from this gratitude! Take a moment right now and jot down ten things that you are grateful for. Let a smile come over your face as you look over this list, and feel yourself relax. Abundance all around, just waiting to be noticed!

Mindful Homework

Pour yourself a glass of water. Enjoy the sound of it pouring into the glass. Go off and drink it someplace. Do nothing else.

Quote From Adam

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”
– Pablo Picasso

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